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April 24, 2004
Mark Stacy "COLICCHIO"
CD release party at Douglas Corner

Mark will be celebrating the release of his new CD, "COLICCHIO", Monday night, May 10th at 6:00 PM. The soirée will take place at Douglas Corner Café. There will be a preview of some of the tracks from the CD, and Stacy will perform some of the material from the CD live, along with some material from earlier CDs.
The show will also feature a photography exhibit: "COLICCHIO- Words, Music and Pictures", which is a collaboration between Stacy, and photographer/recording engineer John Albani. The exhibit consists of ten photographs, each based on a concept from one of the songs on the CD, and mounted next to a print of its associated song lyric.

Why call it "COLICCHIO", he is asked? "Colicchio is my real last name. When I started performing, I shortened it to Mark Stacy, since Stacy is my middle name. People were having too much trouble saying and spelling Colicchio. But, Colicchio is what all my friends called me in school, and as a kid growing up. When some friends in Nashville heard the name and started using it again, it felt right, like old times. Also, a lot of the songs on the CD are about my family, about growing up, and about my grandparents, who were, of coarse, Colicchios. It just seemed to fit."

Douglas Corner Café is located at: 2106-A 8th Avenue, South Nashville, TN 37204 Tel (615) 298-1688

For Info about the club: http://www.musicdigest.com/douglascorner
For Info about the CD: www.colicchio.net
For Info about Mark Stacy: www.markstacy.com


February 2, 2004

WPGR.com Internet Radio Launched

Phonograph Records is in the process of starting it's own internet radio station. Using Flash pages to stream 128 kbps mp3 audio, WPGR can get reasonably good quality audio over the internet and show information about the recordings.

You can check out the site at:

Though it is just in the test phase now, there will soon be complete shows streamed from the site.

January 31, 2004

Stacy Putting finishing touches on new CD

Moving back and forth between Downstairs Sound Recording and Landshark studios, Phono-Rec artist Mark Stacy is finishing up the last three cuts for his upcoming CD scheduled for a March release.

January 23rd 2004

Nashville Singer/Songwriters Diana DeWitt, Mark Stacy, Jim Kimball and Marcia Ramirez Will appear at The Bluebird Café For a special evening of music.

Nashville Singer/Songwriters Diana DeWitt, Mark Stacy, Jim Kimball and Marcia Ramirez will be appearing at The Bluebird Café, in the round on Saturday, January 24th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

DeWitt's songs and vocals have been heard on TV and in Movie soundtracks. Stacy, a former Almo/Irving staff writer, will be performing songs from his two Phonograph Records CD's. Kimball, who works with Reba McEntire will perform material from his upcoming CD, and Ramirez, who tours with Rodney Crowell will be doing material from her recent CD release.

CDs will be available at the performance.
For more about Diana and Mark visit: http://www.phonorec.com/artist.htm

For more about Marica: http://www.marciaramirez.com

For more about Jim: http://www.jimkimball.com

For more Info contact The Bluebird at: 615.383.1461
The Bluebird is located at:
4104 Hillsboro Road Nashville, TN