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At This Table

God Knows

Apartment # 209

Heartbreak Bound

The Camera Never Lies

I worry

Tears For Every Occasion

Recovery Room

Like Father Like Son

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Excerpt from:
THE TENNESSEAN - Monday, January 12/1998 -5D
By TOM ROLAND Staff Writer

MARK STACY "At This Table"

A really good song is a miracle. Think about it: a songwriter sits down with a blank piece of paper, strums a few chords on a guitar and gets an image of a whole storyline with an appropriate melody and a window into the soul.

Mark Stacy has an album full of small miracles. Some of them are subtly clever insights into the human psyche. Others are simply infectious melodies. Either way, "At This Table" is worth savoring.....

......The title track displays Stacy's knack for subtlety, "At This Table" focuses on the woodwork in the dining room, but it's used as a vehicle to celebrate the connection between family members....... has a plaintive attraction. And every country producer in town ought to be scouring it for potential material.




p.gif (550 bytes)eople say, "What kind of an album is it?", I scratch my head and say, "Well, it's a little left of country, it's a little like folk, I guess I'd call it American Music. I'm a songwriter/singer and I sing the songs I write. I try to let the songs find their own style instead of trying to make them all fit into one genre. The songs are stories that, I believe, have their own voice so, I guess I should talk about the songs:

At This Table
I was sitting at my kitchen table looking for a song idea. The table was covered with stuff, books, letters,and a telephone. I got to thinking about how the table was really the center of my world. I thought about all the good times spent there with friends and family, and all the great meals, laughs, and toasts. I thought about how I had found the table, brought it home and refinished it. I didn't start out thinking of it as a song idea, but, the idea was right there in the table.

God Knows
Our faith in people and things changes with the situation at hand. This is a "sort of" religious song, and the guy in it is a desperate deal maker. "There's a big white church on the hill, I don't go now but I promise I will". It's called "God Knows", but that's just short for "My Baby's Out Doing God Knows What, With God Knows Who".

Apartment #209
Well the whole story is there. Sometimes a place or a thing can hold the memory of a certain feeling or era in your life. It's a conversation with the sybling of a former lover.

Heartbreak Bound
This is a last minute train ride out of town. If you know you're at the end of the line, get aboard. "I'd rather leave here than get left behind".

The Camera Never Lies
When things in my life are really good I take a lot of pictures. I collect them in a box. If you looked through the box, you'd never see why things go wrong, but they sometimes do. The camera's not lying when it makes things look so good, but a picture's worth a thousand words that only tell one side.

I Worry
Somebody once told me that they'd like to put the words "What If" on my tomb stone, because, she said, I worry so much. What could I do with that? Well, write a song I guess. (I hope that was the right thing to do). I was living in down town L.A. at the time and there were lots of things to worry about.

Tears For Every Occasion
Everybody has their own way of getting what they want. This little princess uses big tear drops. I think we all know her. The south of the boarder feel came from the juke box in my favorite Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles.

Recovery Room
I was visiting a friend in the hospital. She said, "You know you're O.K. when you're in the recovery room". As I drove home I passed by some dive bars with names like The Office and The Board Room, and I thought, "Recovery Room", that would be a great name for a bar. Since I wasn't going to open a bar, I put it in this song. It's a drinking song with a medical excuse.

Like Father, Like Son
You need a license to catch a fish, to own a dog, of to ride a bike, but any body can have a child. Here's to hoping we all think about what we do and say and pass on only the best stuff.

t.gif (526 bytes)here are certain songs I have written, that I have a strong personal attachment to. Some, I think represent some part of me, or say something in an interesting and different way, and others, just because they are fun to play and sing. These are some of those songs.

Most of the work on the album was done at Downstairs Sound except for the basic tracks which were done in one day at Battery Studio, and the mixing which was done by Eric Legg at The Mix Box.

So what kind of album is it? Well, the best way to answer that would be for you to hear it and decide for yourself, oh, and when you figure it out, let me know so I can tell the next person who asks.

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