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Venus & Mars features the passionate vocals of Diana DeWitt and the keyboard artistry of Robin Randall. Diana DeWitt not only co-writes the songs but gives life to them in a way few singers can. Robin Randall’s stellar songwriting abilities combined with Diana’s lyrical and melodic sense create the unique sound of this female duo.

While living in Los Angeles, their music business relationship lead them into a long time friendship. Diana and Robin combined their talents, writing about romance, unknown questions of love, relations between the sexes, and music that speaks to the souls of lovers everywhere. They recorded their first CD called VENUS & MARS GRAND TRINE.

Being blessed with mutual creative fervor, the results reaches out to capture the listener. Join them on this seductively mesmerizing musical journey. Let it enrapture you and leave you wanting more.

A second Venus & Mars CD has been released on the Japanese record label AVEX TRAX.
More pop/rock music from the girls called VENUS & MARS NEW MOON RISING.

[Click to go to Venus & Mars'  new CD "New Moon Rising"]

[Click to go to Venus & Mars'  1st CD "Grand Trine"]


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