Diana DeWitt with the HIPPIE GYPSIES

Click For Larger Photo   1. Who Will Be The Gandhis
  2. For The Rest Of My Life
  3. You Break It, You Pay For It
  4. Lay Down
  5. Hang Tough
  6. Forget About The Bomb And Dance
  7. Courtroom Battles
  8. The Moment Of Truth
  9. Meeting Of The Minds
10. Will You Be True
11. Ask Me No Questions


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HIPPIE GYPSIES: The words invoke images of freedom, idealism and fun for it’s own sake. And that’s the spirit behind the six-member band.

HIPPIE GYPSIES combine a seasoned, sharp-edged approach to rock with a touch of ‘60s consciousness. In look and sound, they draw upon elements of earlier eras, but make them meaningful for the ‘90s and beyond.

HIPPIE GYPSIES feature the versatile vocals of Diana DeWitt. Her fiery singing style is well-supported by Michael Hanna (keyboards, backing vocals), Terence Elliott (electric and acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Hank Barrio (electric and acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Susan Lyster (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Michael Harrison (drums and backing vocals). Centered around DeWitt and Hanna’s strong songwriting abilities, the band rocks with both technical finesse and sheer visceral power.

Diana grew up in Michigan, and began recording at age 16, in Memphis. Moving to Nashville, she was signed as a staff songwriter by United Artists Publishing, where she met fellow writer Michael Hanna.

After she and Hanna relocated to Los Angeles, Diana continued her session work in the studios, on records and film soundtracks. She co-wrote (with Hanna) and sang lead vocals on the John Tesh single "You Break It, You Pay For It", a top 20 adult contemporary hit.

Hailing from Texas, Michael Hanna has also been highly active on the Southern California music scene. His recording credits include work as a keyboardist/arranger on albums by Dan Fogelberg and Michael McDonald. As well as being on tour with Foreigner and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Hanna’s film and television composing credits are extensive as well.

During the ‘80s, Diana and Michael began working with their future bandmates, whose credits are just as impressive. Hank Barrio recorded with the band Elijah, and performed with Chuck Berry , Albert King, Delaney Bramlett and Hoyt Axton. Terence Elliott’s resume include shows and sessions with the likes of George Michael and Jackson Browne, as well as numerous film/TV music projects. Michael Harrison’s diverse background includes touring Japan with the Names and performing with the African band Susumah. Susan Lyster, moving from Florida to L.A., had been music director for one of the hottest dance clubs, she played on many sessions and toured with Rap/R&B artist Snap worldwide.

With DeWitt as the focal point, these musicians joined forces as HIPPIE GYPSIES even though the friendship between them extended back much further. Each brings considerable talent and expertise to the group.

Rock-n-Roll with the courage of it’s convictions-- that’s what the HIPPIE GYPSIES are all about. This compelling music speaks to the idealist in everyone.

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